I enjoyed the COSEBOC Gathering of Leaders last month. Ron Walker is a visionary leader, and I am eternally grateful for the space he has created for educators. I had to let the smoke clear from the conference to reflect to crystalize what I learned. I have a few takeaways that I would like to share.

First off,  COSEBOC is the most powerful education conference you can attend, because there are children at the conference! Yes we as adults are there to learn, but we are not removed from our work and primary focus. There are young men there for us to celebrate, and keep us inspired. There is no other conference that does that.

COSEBOC is one of the few conferences that focus on “the work” of Black boys. If you work in the inner city or if you educate Black and Latino boys, you have to attend.

COSEBOC is a conference that validates the things you believe in. So many educators, and our communities have given up on Black Boys. COSEBOC makes you believe that we can create a world that our boys can thrive in. As my mentor Robert Murphy said, “Coming to COSEBOC makes you feel like you are not crazy!”http://www.coseboc.org/annual-gathering

My final takeaway is less about COSEBOC and more about thriving as a teaching professional. I now believe after attending the conference, that every teacher needs to have a conference that helps them validate their educational philosophy. There are conferences every week in this country. There are way too many to keep up with. But as a teacher you need to find one and attend it every year. You need to revitalization.


As always thanks for reading, and I promise I will try to blog more often.




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