Black Educational Scholars

I have spent a lot of time over the past year, re-claiming my college years as a student and curious scholar. When I was in undergrad, I spent as much time reading  to feed my curiosity as I did reading for my class. Over the past year, I have re-read The Mis-Education of the Negro,... Continue Reading →

Black Male Teachers Turned Campus Police

As usual my friend Chris Edmin beat me to the punch in his article Why Black Men Quit Teaching. The plight of Black males in education has been on my mind to lately. I am entering my 15th year working in the field. However, I am moving back into administration after a four-year stint back... Continue Reading →


I love Star Wars. I grew up watching the movies and love them even more now. Unlike many Star Wars nerds I like the prequels. Revenge of the Sith (Episode 3) is my favorite by far. I was re-watching it in anticipation of The Force Awakens, and I had a startling discovery. I painstakingly empathized... Continue Reading →

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