Black History as aWeapon of Self-Esteem

I think every Elementary teacher should teach a unit on Black Inventors.  When you talk about suppression and lack of appreciation and knowledge of Black accomplishments, this is the awesomeness of a people who are in a asleep state. Here are some of the inventions we discovered as a learning community:


 ironing board

super soaker


Multiple uses of Peanut butter

Electroacoustic microphone

Automated traffic light

gas mask

The cardiopad

hot comb

Squat Machine

cotton gin

mountain bike steering system

blood banking

light bulb improvement

home security system

modern day shoe lasting machine

3D film graphics

potato chips

The fireproof safe

Home video game system

Removing cataract with a Laser

Mobile refrigeration

Ice cream scooper

Ice cream

a technology the allows an elevator to safely open and close

were all invented by people of African descent. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as we have not had the opportunity to explore more. My students loved this unit, and they really enjoyed the history in the present notion. By that I mean, they flipped there wigs when the learned that Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the Super Soaker was still alive. Arthur Zang, inventor of the Cardiopad, and the inventor of Dry Bath are both under 30!

We had the opportunity to differentiate between inventions made purposefully and those invented by accident. We delved into the marginalization of African-Americans historically, looking closely at each inventor we studied to discern if the inventor was given credit for their innovation, idea, or invention.

We also sparked debate regarding weather particular inventions are luxuries or necessities, which will be the kick-starter to our unit on opinion writing.  Pictures will follow on timelines my students created.

Two Students completing their timeline of Black Inventors…#SOBTC


As always thank you for reading!

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