Relationship Building With Black Males and Any Student

I read somewhere on Twitter that the student who give teachers the most problem are the ones that need the most love. When I read it, I thought, “oh that’s cute.” Then I started reflecting on those children that kept me up at night when I was teaching. I started thinking of the kids that... Continue Reading →

Should Every Black Male Go to College?

I host a twitter chat on educating boys of color. It is named affectionately after this blog. I dedicated my life to ensuring that boys of color get great education and educators who know how best to educate them. I am often asked my view on all boys going to college, or all high school... Continue Reading →

Queen Haley: Black Lives Matter

I was appalled to learn Queen Haley, grandmother of Alex Haley’s gravesite was vandalized and spray-painted with white lives matter. We know that the majority of White America stands with African-Americans who are protesting the slaughter and slaying of so many African-Americans over the past few years. In fact, there is a great article all... Continue Reading →

When Boys Fight: Mama Said Knock You OUT!

Lately I have been thinking about post to help us curb violence in our schools and classrooms. But I have also been thinking around teachers who sometimes do not understand the black male psyche. Helping them to understand that cultural dynamic is critical. Having this insight may help schools programmatically relationally. I have taught for... Continue Reading →

The Schools our Boys Need

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980’s. So far as I could tell, it was an exciting time. It was the video game age. I loved toys. In my lifetime video games first became a part of the American household. If you were a boy, there were, ThunderCats, He-Man, MASK, Silver Hawks, GI... Continue Reading →

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